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    I been busy around the farms getting everything ready to be planted. Been grading around the barn. I got a few jobs lined up. A buddy wants me to run the old Deere backhoe this weekend pushing all the brush and logs out of the fields from the creeks that have over flowed. He also hired me to bring my skid steer in and fill in a trench that was dug several years ago in his yard. Had a guy call me Monday about wanting to add onto his blacktop driveway. He wants to make it U-shaped. He just wants to put down a good base. Only thing is I am a little worried about having the dump trucks drive on the blacktop drive to get back to the addition of the drive. The guy was just guessing but said would probably need a couple hundred yards added. Been nice to have a dozer but I think the skid will work fine. I was looking buy satellite today with Google Earth and I highly doubt the addition will be as big as he says it is since it is only a 2.5 acre lot and only about 200' wide. I would rather have big dump trucks come out if it is a couple hundred yards but it may be best with a single axle truck since the blacktop. Would you guys worry about hurting the blacktop. I know when my dad use to haul gravel he worried about it.
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    Yeah, a tri-axle can definetly do some damage to an asphalt drive. I'd go look at it and see how much stone he really needs. If he doesn't need much and you can dump it close to where you're spreading, just have it dumped and carry it. Try to do it in the morning before the sun gets hot. The warmer the asphalt, the more likely you'll be to put ruts in it.
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    tri axles will put a hurt on residential driveways, they just are not designed to take the load...if its possible have them run next to the drive in the grass, then fix the ruts...make sure its dry. You will be hard pressed to find single, or even tandem axles hauling out of a quarry...and if you do, and that amount of stone is correct it just won't be economical to do so
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    Will the skidsteer hurt the blacktop? I have had it on the road and had no problems but Im sure the road is rated for much, much, more weight than a persons blacktop driveway at there house.
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    anything will hurt a driveway if you run over it enough times...especially if the asphalt is old. like i mentioned, your best bet would be to avoid traveling on it at all if that is possible

    the worst part that will be torn up is the end where it meets the road, when those trucks back in the front set of wheels drag on the pavement and with enough trucks backing in like that you will have a nice crumbled blacktop to deal with
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    You guys are telling me what I had figured. I want to try to find another way to bring the rock into where i need it with the skid steer. Only problem is it will make a mess by itself. I have already thought about putting plywood down or some type of rubber heavy think mat to drive on with the skid steer. My bets though is no other options since houses on both sides. What I am probably going to do is tell the owner of the house up front what type of damage thr trucks could cause and have it put in the contract that I am not responsible and have him sign it or I may just tell him the amount of gravel he needs and let him do the ordering and bring it to the spot its needed.
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    Fieldman........go take a look at the job. See if you could drive ( as previously mentioned ) on the DRY grass and make it back there. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of trucks if the guy has only 2 plus acres. Think about prepping the sub grade with your skid and consider placing the gravel with a gravel shooter. You will know better once you physically look at it.......really impossible ( or dart board method ) to know what you are getting into without that visual inspection.
  8. Fieldman12

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    Im going to look at it tomorrow. I really would like to get the job (if) I can get the gravel where needed without making another problem. It is still not real dry around yet but good enough provided that you dont have to worry too much about tearing up something.
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    You might also wait until the ground dries up. Once the ground has dried out you can get away with more. Of course don't wait until it gets hot.

    Personally I would not be as concerned with damage. If the asphalt was done right I think you would be fine with a Triaxle with the drop axle down. The key to good asphalt is a quality subbase. When you look at the job be sure that you can see roadbase under the asphalt. If you cant it might be a shitty asphalt job in which case plan B. I would not automatically discard using the driveway however.
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    Backing a gravel truck onto a thin paved residential driveway can be done.

    First thing no hot sun so try do it in the afternoon.
    Second no turning back straight in dump and drive out

    Backing on plywood really isn't a good idea you will have less damage with tires on the pavement.

    Like you said you can make the homeowner sign a waiver to say if there is any damage done to the driveway because of the heavy trucks your not responsible. You have to state to the homeowner what the damages may occur.

    There is alot of driveways in this area that were paved by fly by night paving companys they spread the black top pretty thin.

    Good Luck maybe you can convince the home owner to redo all the driveway tell them you can tear out the old and prepare for the new :laugh:

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