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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 26, 2003.

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    anyone ever been accused of charging for a cut that u didnt do? got into it with a new customer cus she says we werent here on "this day". so i show her my "tracking sheet" which has documented the date, time of arrival, and time of departure, as well as the service provided. she says well u could have written that at any time, how do i know u were really here. i say look, u cant tell whether or not the lawn was cut ? she says well u cant expect people to trust you. i said, well, im supposed to trust you? i cut all month, how do i know u r gonna pay the bill? another pita
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    i have had this happen, some pita came home ( i left an invioce in her door) and she said I was never their. I showed her all the work and it was clear that the grass had been cut....40.00 down the drain.

    I guess you just have to suck these up :rolleyes:
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    Sounds like she wants it cut lower.

    I had a new customers this year call me. She said "Hey the yard looks great, but when we walked out in it I could not see my feet." I was like HUH?

    I had been cutting it at 3.5", so I moved it down to 3" and she has been the very best yet.

    It might be her way of asking in a round about way of cutting it shorter.

    But then again, with all the rain you cant even tell after 2 days in some places. Maybe you can take a picture of the finished product with someone holding that days paper......:D
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    I had this happen twice last year with the same lady. She did pay and we settled for rather billing monthly, that she would pay at the time of service. When she was not home at the time of service, I would leave a door hanger letting her know that I had been there. We no longer provide service to this client.

  5. cos

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    This happens alot with the bean counting people of the world. I try all different types of ways to later prove that I was actually there to cut.
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    Suck it up? No chance.....tell her you have every right to put a lien against her property until services are paid for. Not only will you get your money, she won't try that again with you or any other LCO she feels the need to screw over. I'm in this to make money, $40.00 is $40.00, but mainly it's the principle......suck it up? Not me.
  7. proenterprises

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    Yo Elephant

    I didnt want to suck it up either but I didnt really have a choice, Its a lose lose battle. But no I do not serivice that account anymore. 40.00 just isint worth going to war over :rolleyes:
  8. rodfather

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    Hell bobby, that's real easy to fix...don't blow off the driveway or walks. Then they'll know you were there LOL!
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    First of all - ditch that lady. PITA customers just aren't worth it. She'd be gone the second I got her next check if it were my account.

    Second, one thing we do that you might consider - in addition to creating a log of your own (as you've already done - smart!) you should also leave a checklist on the client's door. Ours is pretty basic. It has our logo, ph. number, etc. at the top and then says, "We stopped by today and provided the following services." And then there is a list of about 10 or so possible things we could have done. There is a box by each item and my workers just check the boxes next to the work that was performed and leave the checklist on the client's door before they leave. Then you have 3 ways to prove you were there - 1) Your log 2) The checklist you left them and 3) The evidence of your work.
  10. Years ago I cut a factory friday after everyone had gone home. The lawn was so weedy by monday it was 6" high in weeds.
    I argued with the owners of this company that I'd mowed.
    We compromised on half a payment. I thought this was kind of wierd because I'd either mowed or I hadn't.:rolleyes:

    This was some years back. They've since sold the company and retired to Florida.

    I still mow that factory's grass.


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