Buy 04 or 05 - 16/42 Mini Fastrak or Fastrak18/44

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by ssmccoy, Aug 20, 2004.

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    I'm looking to buy a Fastrak. Don't need the unit until 2005.

    Will there be any major change to the Fastrak in 2005? Will the 2005 be going up in price? I'm getting good pricing on the 2004 now.

    I have a yard of just under 1/2 acre. I can get into the 18/44 for $500 more than the 16/42 Mini. The dealer is giving me a better price on the new 18/44 because the back bumper is scratched. I know I don't need the 18/44 but is it worth getting a better mower for an extra $500?

    Also If I buy the 2004, I'm having the dealer provide delivery in 2005 when my house is completed. Will the warranty start on delivery of the unit or when I pay for the unit.

    I like the 16/42 because of the extra over hang on the deck, but like the IZT transmission on the 18/44. Any other major differences other than the engines?

    Please help!!

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    No major changes planned that I know of.
    The 04/05 models are out now, we just had a price increase August 1st 2004, I do not know of any price changes in the near future, but with the steel pricing in the market today, I can not guarantee that there will not be a increase in the future.
    The extra $ is getting you a wider cut, larger fuel tanks, a step up in hydro drives (IZT's compared to EZT's) and of course 2 more hp.
    I would not hesitate to buy the 18/44.
    The warranty starts the day your dealer invoices you the unit and sends in the warranty registration.
    If he is doing a layaway or something similar then you would need to discuss this situation with him, to make sure you are getting it the way you want.

    Hope this helps

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