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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by marvinjtom, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. marvinjtom

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    I need a lawn edger and a pole tree trimmer servicing only 5 small residential properties a week. I'm undecided whether I should get a 4cycle (31cc) engine or 2cycle (25cc). I plan to buy the type with exchangable extensions, e.g., edger extension and the pole trimmer with a chain saw - or should I get the reciprocating saw?

    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.:)
  2. Leisure Lawn

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    What brands?

    Two cycle is much easier to maintain in the long run with 3 moving parts and no valve adjustments.

    But it does make a difference who is making the engine
  3. vadeere

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    I agree two stroke is less moving parts to break, and generally cheaper to purchase. Cheaper to operate is a toss up. Go two stroke
  4. homerescue

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    from wv
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    I have the shindawia t2500 split shaft with articulating hedge trimmer, power broom, tornado blade (looks like circular saw blade with chainsaw teeth), edger coming and soon to be 12" chainsaw attachment. Love mine has plenty of power balanced well, easy to work. By the way it is 4 stroke but takes pre-mix fuel, lots of low end torqe.
  5. marvinjtom

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    Thank you for your reply. Since my expected equipment usage is minimal, I'm not planning to invest a lot of money. So I'm undecided between a Reconditioned 2cycle Poulon Pro (PP445
    12' Tree Trimmer Gas Pole Pruner) on eBay for $119 plus $20 shipping, or a Yardman 4cycle string trimmer at Home Depot for $75. If I buy the Yardman, I'll purchase the edger and pole pruner extensions separately. If I buy the Poulon, I'd only buy the edger separately. Thank you again for your help. :)

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