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Buy a bagger or not

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I have a Exmark 36 wb Metro and I'm thinking about getting a bagger for it. I currently have the mulch kit on it and it works great. Would a bagger be the better choice for leaf removal? I also have a 21 Toro that has a bagger ,so would it be just as good to leave the 36 alone and mulch the leaves ,then bag them with the Toro. The Toro is an older model and not a commercial mower. If it makes sense to get a bag for the 36 wb ,how much of a pain is it to go back and forth between mulching and bagging?
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Steve - How did the bagging work for ya? I've been wondering if my mulching Toro would bag well.
My deck mulches, but all i have to do to discharge is take of a plate and pust on the side discharge and i think open up a baffle. It discarges well. I have been debating on a grass gobbler or a billy goat. Not sure what will work best. the grass gobbler with the leaf extension is a lot cheaper. When you do get around to trying this let me know how it works.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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