Buy a used Snapper?


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A friend is having a moving sale and asked me about a 21" Snapper mower.

It was only used for the first year, and I'm sure it needs a tune-up and probably a new blade. I was thinking he might give it to me (I'm mowing out of the back of my Honda civic wagon), but he said he was thinking more in the $200 neighborhood.

I saw the original receipt ($650.00) and called the dealer for an opinion, but he said "not over the phone!" I am just looking for a ball park notion of what to pay for this machine.

From reading through various posts, I recognize that this isn't the equipment of choice for commercial use. First off it's a residential quality unit and second, it's not one of the brands I commonly see referenced (Honda, Toro, John Deere, Ariens, etc.).

Are there any opinions out there as to what I might offer for this mower?


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Hello, I unlike alot on here, have used snapper push mowers for 10 years now in my biz. I use them in the gated back yards of my residential customers Year No. 1 I bought a little Murray push mower, new for $200 At the end of the season it was shot. Deck rusted out, wheels falling of. Year No. 2, I bought a MTD High wheel push mower. End of year, deck was rusting out with small holes here and there, wheels would not roll freely, deck adjuster levers were froze up. At the end of the mowing season, just before fall cleanups, I went to a Snapper dealer and bought my first snapper. It was a regular push mower, not self propelled. It only had a 4 horse motor on it, but was all the dealer had in. I t was one of those Ninja Recycling mowers. The 4 horse was fine for leaves, but not grass. That winter I bought another MTD push mower with a 6 horse Briggs engine. I removed the Briggs engine, removed the 4 horse from the Snapper and replaced it with the 6 horse Briggs. I put the 4 horse on the new MTD and then sold it for a few bucks at a yard sale. 10 years later, I am still using that Snapper. It will mulch like nobody's business. After I got larger in my customer base, I added a second Snapper for my help to use. This time I bought a 6.5 horse Briggs, self propelled. It is in year 5 of commercial use and has never failed me yet. So I like them very much. Besides walk behinds just wouldn't go into the back yards I use these on. It is beyond me why anyone would fence in a huge backyard and put in a little bitty gate as the only access.
As far as price, I would need to know what size motor or any options that are on it, but that does not sound like too bad of a price for that mower if it has any options to it. I think I would jump on it.


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Seattle, WA
Thanks for your prompt response!

The HP is 6.0, it's self propelled, 3 speeds, & cord start. Can't think of what other options there might be.

Thanks again.


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Columbus, NE
Snapper 21" mowers are simple and rugged. The only real variable on them is the different engine choices.
A lot of the cutters around here use them. Soime commercial, some just use whatever old snapper they find. I don't think the basic design has changed in a long time.


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I can't tell you about the price without knowing the model, etc.., but I can tell you Snapper makes a great product. Years ago I started with some Snapper Hi Vacs self propelled w/ BBC. I used the heck out of them mowing in the summers while I was in school. I still had the last one a few years ago, and sold it to my neighbor for $ 100.00, and he still uses it every week in the mowing season. i have owned just about every model of Snapper push mower, and my favorite was the commercial 21" w/ the Wisconsin Robin 2 stroke.Great lasting mowers...


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21 inch commercial with a Robbins is a great set up. Its a shame the Robbins engines are so expensive though. I wish snapper came back with aluminum decks. We have been running this combo for 10 years at least-$200Sounds like a fair deal to me. If the engine goes replace it - I am not a big fan of the self propelled model, after it broke we took it off and went manual.-Harry

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