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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by VT_Grassman, May 23, 2004.

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    Hi Terry -

    I have recently found a used TT hydro and wondered if you could flesh out some details about the machine for me? It is a TT4815; S/N 194115. Can you provide the year, MSRP when new, and any additional records you may have regarding warranty or other service claims? I was unable to locate an hourmeter. Was this year/model equipped with one and if so, where?
    I am a bit hesitant about this unit for a couple of reasons: It is NOT being sold by an eXmark dealer. The Kohler engine looks like the crankcase was recently split to do an internal repair. Since the rest of the machine doesn't appear to have much wear, I'm wondering if the oil level was low and caused an internal failure which was "quick fixed" to trade it. The oil in it now is too clean and the overall condition of the rest of the mower doesn't indicate that an overhaul would have been due - another reason I'd like to determine the running hours.

    Many Thanks,
    Vt Grassman
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    VT Grassman,

    That is a 99 model Turf Tracer HP sold new in 02. The MSRP in 99 was $4449.

    The Kohler single cylinder is a pretty tough engine. The only issues we generally see are that dirt will pack around the choke butterfly pivot on the outside of the carburetor. When this happens the choke won't open all the way and the engine runs rich and blows black smoke. Other than that you should pull the recoil out slowly one time before giving it a good hard yank to start it. This engine was known to kick back pretty good if you tried to start it on the compression stroke.

    As with any engine pull the air filter off and look down into the carburetor. If you see a great deal of dirt that has bypassed the air filter than you probably have some wear in the engine. Most dealers can perform a "leak down" test on the engine. This is much like a compression test however it is more accurate.

    The Turf Tracer HP did not have an hour meter.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks for the timely and excellant information Terry!!

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