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    Hi everyone, new here and looking for input.

    I own a 2000 1/2 ton Silverado that I customized. I'm ready to get involved in the lawncare business and looking for input.

    Would this truck be ideal for just starting out?
    It is LIKE NEW CONDITION, 21K miles, 6" lift, 35" know the rest.

    Am I "STUPID" for even considering this truck as a WORK TRUCK?

    I am going to need to plow when I get started in my business, and DO NOT want to use a lifted truck for that!!

    Should I TRADE IN on a WORK truck? And if so....Should I just go with a MASON DUMP? Thanks!!

    Here is a pic. of the truck!
  2. Lombardi

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    When I had nice, personal trucks like yours, I would get very upset if I found a scratch anywhere. But, with my $35k work truck I get scratches, dust, dirt, etc. in/on it every week. It doesn't bother me because it is just that, a work truck. If you can let go of the personal feelings for that truck, which by the looks of it I doubt you can, then use it as a work truck. But remember, the scratches and dings will be a weekly, if not daily, occurrence. Also, I think it would get old real quick climbing in/out of that several times a day.
  3. cat320

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    nice truck go get that dump to work with. you don't want to plow or work with that.
  4. Mykster

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    This is my truck I worked out of for my first two yrs. in the biz before i bought an 88 chevy 3/4ton. I love lifted trucks, but they are not practical for this kind of work. WIth those 35" tires your gas mileage is already declining. Pulling a trailer will only make it worse. It's a nice truck. Why not keep it a find a older work truck. Then you'll have the best of both to speak.

  5. Randy J

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    I agree, keep the truck and get a good older work truck. Heck, I'll make you a heck of a deal on a '97 Ford dually with a 12' flatbed. Oh, it's only 2 wheel drive though. I'd still try to find an older work truck. If you can't afford both, I'd trade this truck off for one more conducive for work. It may just be me, but I don't think a lifted truck like yours, although very nice, really is an image a lot of potential customers would be interested in seeing.

  6. DLCS

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    Keep that truck and letter it with your company logo. Then just use that truck for personal use and to drive to give estimates. Next, buy yourself a work truck, 3/4 ton or 1 ton something you will not care to scratch and haul debris when needed. Also, you probably will want to put a plow on it for winter too. I have a 2002 Silverado and a '89 Ford f250 that just gets used for a work truck a little hard on the eyes but its just awork truck.

    BTW...thats a badass Chevy:D
  7. lawnkid

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    A good buddy of mine plows with 2 Ford 250's like that. One is a 1995 and one is a 2003.Tthey both have Meyer 7 1/2' plows onthem. The 2003 looks badazz, it has 33" tires, hideaway strobes, nice salt spreader and a plow. He wanted to sell me this truck before he added the lift to it for like $20,000. I said hold on til next year so maybe this spring,
  8. lawn perfection

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    Use it as a work truck if you like, just take care of it. This is mine I use it everyday.

    storm- trees-equip 005.jpg
  9. lawn perfection

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  10. landscapingpoolguy

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    I have a lifted jeep that i use for estimates:)

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