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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by foo569, May 31, 2001.

  1. foo569

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    :confused: I am 15 years old and i have 8 customers and am looking to expand
    I already have 1 i can definitely get.Now i am not sure on what to do my dad said he is willing to help me out a bit and loan me some cash.i already have a 48" w/b and i want to get 36" but he wants me to buy an existing business he said he will take the loan out for me and i will have to pay it off any info would be helpful thanx
  2. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I know alot of people here agree that buying accounts is a good thing but I dont. I would not pay for accounts that I could get on my own. Being so young could hinder you, but in a year or two, if you do good work, you will have all the work you want. Start slow,its not like you have a wife and kids to support.
  3. joshua

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    all good things come with patience.

    i was 14 when i started and i know where your coming from, i wanted to get so big but my parents didn't let me and thank god they didn't, i'm gradutaing this year from high school, and because of going full time with out the worry of sports, i have no life what-so-ever. enjoy your high school years, you only get one time in high school, make it count. you will have plenty of time to get as big as you want.
    also, i would NEVER buy accounts off another contractor, why pay for something when you can get them for free, with great quality work and dependablity.

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