Buy Echo trimmer from Home Depot?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnsaspire, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. genesis215

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    Just get it from the dealer. Much better to support the local man rather than a big corporation. As for the $279 SRM-230 model, it's a great commercial grade trimmer, and will last for years and years. The SRM-230's are very heavily used in my area, alongside the Stihl FS 80 and FS 110. I would recommend it highly (although the Stihl FS 80 is alot lighter and has more power). The Echo's do have a much nicer feel than the Stihl's, just my opinion though. As for the comment about Echo's being extremely simple to work on, it's very true. Try all the commercial brands out (they are all very highly reliable if maintained when it comes down to it), and pick the one you like the best. For me, I don't like the Shindaiwa's and RedMax's that I have because their shafts are sloped down short, and aren't suited for taller people like Echo's and Stihl's, which have a higher angle on their shafts. Just get what you like.
  2. RGM

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    I work at depot part time and would never guaranty anything in 1 week it is possible and my store does send out to a relible repair shop.
  3. freshcut419

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    Your right RGM should not guarantee 1 week turn around but if they have the parts to fix it they should be able to. Most of the time its just carb work for bad gas..I try to buy from my local dealer in town. I have had drop stuff off for repairs in the morning and had it fixed by lunch time. In the mean time there telling the home owners it will be 3 week before they look at there stuff.
  4. MONTE

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    Go with a dealer if possible!
  5. RGM

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    That's the way it is if you have good relationship with a Dealer you can get it fixed quick
  6. Tommy Boy

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    Buying from a dealer = better lont term relationship! Will even get your dumb questions now and again!
  7. DJL50

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    I purchased a Echo trimmer from Home Depot and it works very well. I like it a lot.
    I try to buy from a dealer. I like to support the small shop. But having said that I think buying from a dealer is a little over rated. Like one of the other post said Home Depot if the thing breaks will just give you a new one. No dealer around here will do that. The HD close to me has a tool rental and they have guys who service the rental equipment. In my experience, if I do have a problem, they will ask me to have the guy in rental look at it. If he can't fix it right then, Give me a new one. Can't complain about that. Officially they have a 30 day return but are very relaxed on that. Now If my unit is over a year old they won't do that but a dealer wont take anything back the day you purchased it.
    Again my experience.

    On a related note we had a large JD dealer. They were very well known to tell you to take a hike if you needed service on a JD purchased from Home Depot. JD walked in one day at that dealer and pulled their dealership.
    They had been a JD dealer for years. Like over 30 or 40 years.
  8. Lawnut101

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    If you have a dealer, and they have the item for the same price, then I would definitely buy it from the dealer. But if you don't have a dealer (this is what it sounds like) then yes, buying from Home Depot is ok. They have a great store, they just don't have a service department to fix what they sell.
  9. Sturob

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    I bought mine from Home Depot and have never had a problem. I'm not saying that buying from the local man is not the way to go but I try to do all of my repairs myself, so a dealer does not do a whole lot for me. Maybe when I get bigger a dealer will help but for now it is parts online and repairs in my garage!
  10. lifetree

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    Yeah, ECHO is a good machine but it's the service if you need it repaired !!

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