Buy Echo trimmer from Home Depot?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnsaspire, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Aimen!!!!!! Finally someone who knows the truth. Thanks!!!

    Stihl does give promo material too though. They'll send free hats and even help out and set up at shows and open house.
  2. alanrnmahler

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    I am considering an Echo SRM225 or SRM230. I cut three lawns a week so I am usually on the trimmer for about one hour a week. I have heard from some of the local dealers (not Home Depot) that the trimmers that are sold by Home Depot are made with parts that are not made to the exacting specifications as the trimmers they sell. Therefore they will not perform as well as the trimmers that they sell. I have called Echo and have asked them if this was the case and their response was that all the trimmers sold at Home Depot and the local shops are exactly the same units. Can anyone verify this? Is this perhaps just a sales technique by the local dealers to get people to buy from them?
  3. weaver

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    Hey buddy i think you already got your answer from Echo.... I bought a srm 210 from HD 4 years ago and still running strong. Besides having to replace the bump heads which that is normal because of all the lawn i mow never any problems... They only sell 2 differnt kinds a California emissions model and a regular 49 state model... Same trimmer,same parts and same warranty as from a dealer. I don't know why some people on here have said that what you where thinking but could not be further from the truth... Now go get your trimmer.....
  4. Turf Dawg

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    The trimmer will be the same but not the service. The only time I buy something from there is if the dealer is not open and I need it then.
  5. weaver

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    Well that's you. I don't know what service you could possibly be referring to. If something small does happen to it they fix it there in there tool rental department.. They also have like 30 or 90 day return if you don't like.. You people must all have great dealer support I guess....
  6. Jimslawncareservice

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    I never got great service from echo. I've never took anything for repairs or warrenty work. Only change bump heads and filters when i feel like it. I have a srm230 that came from HD. Runs great. I think its 5-6 seasons old.
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  7. weaver

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    Well that's me also.. I run the heck out of my echo handheld and luckily I have no problems... So I've never needed dealer support either...
  8. leon2245

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    Another great thing about buying from a dealer is that a dealer won't lie to your face to make a sale, or make up BS rather than admit when they don't know something, or lie even when there's no advantage to it, just because. It's just not in s dealer's nature to lie.

    That makes a lot of sense actually. I could see echo scrapping together enough of their rejected parts to keep all 2,000+ Home Depots in n. America fully stocked with trimmers & saws etc. Of course echo & hd aren't going to admit this, so consider yourself lucky those dealers trusted you with such privileged inside info!

  9. GMLC

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    If your comfortable with a 16 year old preping and servicing your equipment buy at HD. If you want to support local businesses like your own with factory trained techs buy from your local dealer.
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    I have 5 echo trimmers from home depot---i have local mower dealer put schindawa speed head on them and i have no problems


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