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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dekalb lawn man, Feb 17, 2007.

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    I have noticed alot of questions about home owner mowers for use in this industry. They say that they cant afford anything else. I understand not having the cash to pay for it upfront; however, alldealerships have financing. If you price yourselves right you should be able to make the minimal payment each month and with good marketing and quality work you should be able to get enough accounts to pay it off within the first summer. Monthly payments on my Ferris was 276 per month for 36 months. I went out and got my self a commercial acount worth 150 per cut with a minimum 30 cuts so my machine got paid with that account and the rest of my accounts goes towards other items such as overhead, maintanance, profit, expansion, etc. Just make sure you put enough away in the bank to make it in the winter months and you will be fine.
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    Truth of the matter you can not afford to not buy commercial equipment. Been there done that! Learned from our mistakes! It is wise to not be first cost sesitive when you run a business. Don't be penny wise and pund foolish!

    I understand as well. I was there. I made the mistake of buying some homeowner stuff. By mid season we had to buy commercial equipment. How much money did we save?????
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    My point exactly.
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    perfectly said.... its like they think no one has tried that route yet and found out.....there is a very good reason this GOOD advice of buying only commercial grade equipment is given by the people with REAL experience.....

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