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The hinos look like great options too. Either way it looks like all options new will run about 95k-110k fitted with dump. A roll off small bin truck would be pretty nice. Am considering gas as well. If these 10 year old trucks with 120k miles are still retaining half their value, I mean I would probably only put 7-10k miles in a year, new does seem like the way to go.

If I sold it after 10 years for 35k, I am getting a new truck for $6500 a year, $540 a month, say $1000 with insurance and maintenance, I need to save about 4 man hours worth of wasted time a week to make it worthwhile and not have the stress of relying on suppliers for small deliveries and material removal.

I am wasting that much time easily at our current business size and believe it will be more as we grow, I have definitely talked myself into it.


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Dump trucks are super convenient. I’ve got an older 1997 f450 dump and a 2012 f550 dump. I couldn’t imagine owning a landscape business without them. I bought used, and looked quite a while and sorted through a lot of junk trucks.


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yall talking like new f450s are sitting on lots rn.


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on this rock
My opinion would be to keep your Canadien pesos(money) working for you in your home country as much as possible. Another reason to go Hino trucks. They are the most reliable class 5 truck in the world. Keep them under a superb maintenance schedule and these class 5 Hino's just work and work well.

A Hino 155 here(USA) is roughly 45-50 grand. A hook-lift system another 15 to 24 grand. A three sided tipper dump bed about 10-13 grand. All in looking at 85k maximum in the USA for that type of setup as new.

We use them all year round. Awesome in the winter as well for our purposes. We had them fully galvanized. Sent to a Hino master mechanic/technician and he bullet-proofed them for a lifetime(just in case). We keep them in pristine shape. They still look showroom new and run that way a few years later.

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