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"Buy Used."

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutemhigh, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. cutemhigh

    cutemhigh LawnSite Member
    from 44060
    Messages: 30

    A lot of you are saying "Buy Used." I can totally relate to not wanting to finance. I want my money to go to ME, as soon as it CAN.
    So, I have this exmark 48 belt drive. Its old-school. I remember the guy at the equipment store having to dust off the parts book for it. It has no markings of a model, but they were able to find the part (blade drive belt)..
    Anyway, i paid $600 for this mower last spring, and by fall the blade drive belt had split, which I knew was going to happen at purchase. I replaced the belt, and now, it flies off every time I turn the blades off. Slips off the pully under the kohler engine (which I think has years left on it.) So I adjust it on the deck, and cant find the right setting, too tight or too loose, nothing is just right..(the tensioner)
    So, I look near the pulley under the engine. There are two..the pulley coming from the shaft has play up and down, dont know if thats right, I didnt see a set screw or anything..
    There is a pulley behind the shaft pulley (if you will) and its floppy as heck. There is a bolt thru it thats loose, but I cant get a wrench on the top to hold it. So...there ya go..it mows, but it aint makin it thru a summer. Maybe on MY yard if Im lucky. It also pulls to the right, especially on inclines. Im thinking of taking it in to get all the pulleys and belts checked and replaced, but that may be costly.
    So, following the adage of "buy used" I have about $800 in an old bd with a strong engine that I would like to keep..But I may be looking at another $800 before its fully usable. Any advice here? I mean, I know these mowers arent rocket science, but I really dont have the money to be burning up belts trying to experiment.
    Any advice? I mean Im still ahead of the game I think..
    p.s. anyone know where I can get just the bag part of the exmark bagger? I have the steel plate, but I was thinking they have the bag somewhere cheap.
  2. Frue

    Frue LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,472

    Go to your dealer and ask him for a price to totally fix this mower. Then go from there 800 is better than 3000.00 fo a new one. You need to adjust your belts in order to stop it from pulling you can find the adjustments on the rods going to the belts.

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