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    This company spammed me today and I do not apprecaite that. <p>A buddy tried to deal with them a while back and they took his money and ran.. after a long battle they sent a crappy product!!<p>If you want to lose money... deal with them!
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  3. gene gls

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    There are CRAP ads in most all advertising media.You have to read it very close and investigate befor laying down your hard earned dollar.
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    They got me to hmmmmmmmm!<p>----------<br>Dale<br>Southern lawn and Landscape
  5. bdemir

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    they sent me one too. Im glad for the instant help that i can get from such a helpful site like this. Thank you every one.
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    DITTO!!!<p>----------<br>Bryan..Heartland Lawn Care<br>
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    I contemplated whether I should even waste my time responding to the ridiculous claims that my company has done any wrongdoing to anybody, nor any company. If you have proof step up to the plate. Those of you that substantiate their ridiculous anger by spreading rumors that their &quot;friend&quot; got screwed tells your piers nothing. As for those that have wrote &quot;ditto&quot; can have there chance once the next guy strikes out. Happy swinging!<p>For those of you who are not interested in adding putting greens to their business portfolio can contact me simply by replying, &quot;Take me off your mailing list.&quot; I will do so without hesitation and look upon you as a professional who does not have an interest in our product. Period.

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