buying a 60 inch zero turn mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by keithrg, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. keithrg

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    Im new to the business and am looking for imput on a new 60 inch zero turn mower. I have looked at John Deer, EX mark, Scag, Cub Cadet. I have used a Bunton 60 inch cut with 23 Kawasaki motor but it seemed to bog down a bit on hills and heavy grass.
  2. take a look at the toro 555 on up though the 580 series ....these mowers are excellent awsome ...7 gauge steel deck ..adjustable baffles are worth their weight in gold...great mowers i love mine.
  3. chevyman1

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    look no further than the Dixie Chopper...I have a 27 HP generac with a 60 inch deck that screams fast. I have yet to bog the motor down, it's really good on hills, and mows awesome
  4. txlawnking

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    Keith, I'd demo all of the machines you mentioned extensivelly on your property before you lay down dollar one. As you can see, 23 isn't enough hp for a 60" mower. I would look for at least a 27hp machine if not more..If it's in your budget, maybe a diesel as well..
  5. Precision

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    I have a gravely pm 260 that I run doubles on. She works great and can really tear thru the wimp st Augustine we have here and does fairly well even on slightly overgrown Bahia.

    The thing is, if you are looking at doing residential work, a 60 may not be the most practical machine. stander 52's that I used in the past are a bit more maneuverable and on small properties they dont take anymore time, they are often faster because the deck isn't as likely to scalp at the over hang edge.

    I used JD 52 standers, work good but the electronics are fragile. And we had a difficult time getting generic tires to fit.

    Big properties the 60 wins hands down. But either way you will need a 36 or something else small too.
  6. chevyman1

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    keith, you are in CNY/Western areas....The best Dixie / Ferris dealer is in Syracuse, Central NY Power equipment....ask for John and tell him Jason from Albany sent you
  7. Flex-Deck

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    Go John Deere - may cost a bit more, but they will save you bunches as to breakdowns and shop time. They have the best service period. Brad
  8. chevyman1

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    Keith, the JD dealers in your area are OK, but you will overpay and their parts are insanely priced. Stick with a company that just does mowing for a living
  9. DLCS

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    Go John Deere, the new JD ztrs are priced just as competively as other units. JD dealers are here to stay, we can't keep a Dixie dealer in our area. We have had 2 dealers stop selling Dixie Choppers within the last 3 years, I wonder why.
  10. millerlc

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    If you want a durable and strong machine look only at a Scag. They are built like tanks.
    A lot of 60" ZTR's run a 27 HP.
    But i just got a Turf Tiger 29HP Kawasaki liq cooled DFI(no choke!) 61"
    Let me tell you, she has a whole lot of power. She is unstoppable!
    ground speeds are quick.
    She leaves an awesome cut with the :) DRIVESHAFT driven deck:)
    I would recommend the Turf Tiger.
    If you have any other questions let me know.

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