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buying a commercial mower


goat hearder

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Originally posted by mjensen
what size of a mower are you looking at?
looking to by somewhere around a 48" zero turn mower.
It will be either a john deere, Kubota, or Ferris.

are they all pretty much the same as far as life of the mower ? and im lookin at the maintenance on them too


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Originally posted by chevyman1
Ferris by far, blows John Deere's comparable models out of the water...don't waste your time

How many JD mowers have you owned? I'm surprised you didn't say Dixie Chopper is the "best".

I like my john Deere 757, no problems to date in 2 years. But go with the mower that YOU like the most, no one can tell you whats best, only can recomend. Also,, the biggest thing is dealer support.