Buying a gear walk-behind at an auction


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In Perry, GA next Saturday, there is an auction of many assorted mowing equipment. I am thinking about bidding on a mower. However, I am well aware of the risk I take of buying crap. How expensive are gear walk-behind's transmissions to replace or rebuild? I am thinking of bidding only $500. That way it would leave me some slack if something went wrong. Am I right when I say the only expensive parts to a walk-behind are the transmission and the engine? I think the one I want is an Encore 36&quot; to fit in gates that my 48&quot; Encore rider cannot. Any help would be appreciated.<p>Rick Wallace


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Central Florida
Rick, the engine and trans may be the most expensive single items, but if the entire machine is worn you will have to dump a pile of $ into it. If you get one that needs a couple of pulleys, casters, yokes, spindles and tires, you may get in deeper than expected. Get prices on these parts before you go to the auction so you know what you are dealing with.


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I have an older encore 48 that I use as a back-up machine. The wheel belts alone cost me almost $100. A lot of older encores have special made parts that are difficult to obtain. Also, check the deck assy and the spindles. They had some problems in that area as well. If you're only going to use this machine a couple of hours a week, fine, but if you plan on more than that, get yourself a new one. 36&quot; WB's (gear) go from $2000 to $2800.