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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by nlminc, May 1, 2006.

  1. nlminc

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    I was in Best Buy tonight. The sales person was showing me a Gateway AMD Turion 64 Mobile Tech ML-32. Has 100GB and a 15.4" screen. $800.00 Good deal? For 299.00 service plan they will replace it if it gets trashed in my truck!

    I haven't shopped for a computer in a while so I'm not up to date on all the new stuff.

    What's everyone using.
  2. pgoulding

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    Sounds like a good deal, you could probably get something even cheaper if you are just having it for the truck for billing and estimates and stuff. Just watch out with those service plans. When i bought my laptop they got me to buy that plan and it says it does not cover damage that you inflicted on it cuz you did not take good care of it. So you might want to look into that. Good luck with the purchase.
  3. JJLandscapes

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    ll give my secret out check they give coupon codes for dells which without a doubt 95% of the human population will say they make some of the best computers

    click the links and watch the forum you will have page after page of reviews and how to get laptops fully loaded for 33-50% off many times i have 3 laptops
  4. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    DONT BUY A DELL!!!!!!!!!!! Dell computers are made out of cheap materials. They use hatachi (IBM) hard drives, and, no joke, statistics show 7 out of 10 hatachi hard drives fail completely in the first 2 years (ESPECIALLY if you use the laptop on the road, which is bumpy). I know from experience. I HAD a dell, sister HAD a dell, and 3 of my friends HAD dells. none of us have them anymore. They SUCK, plain and simple. They dont give them away dirt cheap now for no good reason, you know ;)
  5. mike lane lawn care

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    this is my area of expertise. for someting like this, you could get a good deal on a dell inspiron with an intel centrino proccessor. Gateways are good if you are going to be leaving it on a desk, but they don't hold up too well in field conditions. a good one that you can get at bestbuy is the hp pavillion dv4335nr, this is a good laptop that will hold up. you should invest in a hard shell case for the laptop and keep a cleaning product such as "endust" wipes in the case for screan cleaning.
    if you need more specific help, then you can PM me and i'll do my best to help you.
  6. mike lane lawn care

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    also, an IBM laptop would be good for truck use. the biz models have sensors that knw when it's being droped and can brace it's self for impact. but these can get pretty expensive. and IBM now use seagate hard drives, one of the world's best.
  7. shortgut

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    check samclub
  8. LindblomRJ

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    I have a Dell Inspiron that is three years old. XP-Pro etc. I have replaced two hard drives. Both with in the first year both under warrenty. I think my next laptop will be a HP or IBM.
  9. marionlandscape

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    can someone post a link for the mounting equipment that works well with these laptops
  10. JJLandscapes

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    stop downloading so much porno

    there are 2 desktops ,4 laptops currently being used by my family with work and business we probably been through atleast a dozen of them over the years and 2 30" LCDS and none have or had any problems that you said i really would like to see some real site or article that backs your info up

    and there custome service is amazing they kiss your ass

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