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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SHARPLAWN, Jun 10, 2008.


    SHARPLAWN LawnSite Member
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    I have recently acquired some bigger lawns to manage ( around 1 acre). I need to buy a bigger mower (36 inches plus) and am wondering which one to go with. I have looked at a 36 inch scag walk-behind, a 50 inch cub cadet (but have heard bad things about their mowers/service), and also a 33 inch World Lawn walk-behind. Any suggestions on what mower to go with??? My budget tops out at around $3,500..... but would love to pay a lot less!!
  2. dura to the max

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    no experience w/ the cub, but loved my scags. keep an eye on ebay.
  3. TPendagast

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    IF those are your choices, buy the scag.

    A 36" belt drive walk behind will go for about $3100
    Cub is homeowner/home deopot-ish
    World 33" never heard of it, and I am a mower buff, so that's like richard petty never having heard of some engine you are talking about.

    Chances are if I haven't heard of it, dont bother.

    I actually spent 3 months pricing 36 inch units lately. Save yourself the time and buy a scag.
  4. dura to the max

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    from georgia
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    what he said, EXCEPT: dont get stuck on scag. toro and exmark make awesome mowers too. see what dealer you have. dealers are important. i think i am one of the few that is not in the mindset that only one mower (the one i have) is any good. these 3 are built to the industry standard. and there are other good mowers out there. i love scags, but have a butthole of a dealer, so i dont buy. i love my exmark too. and when i had the toro i was very pleased. they are all very closely designed machines. the dealer makes the difference in my book. any dealer can sell the mower, but it aint worth a crap if they wont stand behind it.
  5. TPendagast

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    I assumed he did no mention exmark/toro or others because he did not locat dealers.

    In my hometown the only commercial mower dealers sell Huskie mowers (blah!) and snapper (good 21's bad everything else) or Ferris (double blah)
    So I go look or what I want.

    However I would buy whatever was in my town if it was acceptable.

    John deere makes a great machine, everride is an increbible unit, I would buy one of I didnt have to drive 800 miles to get one.
  6. dura to the max

    dura to the max LawnSite Silver Member
    from georgia
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    look for good used stuff. ive found mowers that lasted years for $200-$600. im not talkin crap either im talkin good commercial machines that someone needed money more than the mowers.
  7. lifetree

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    The World Lawn is no good, stay away from it !! Of the choices you mention, Scag is the best ... however, have you considerd a Quick 36 WB ??
  8. dura to the max

    dura to the max LawnSite Silver Member
    from georgia
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    gotta agree w/ lifetree %100. check out the quick mowers. great start-up machine, and good quality machine that will be useful later. i think it would be foolish to by a mower to just get by, buy long term, the quick mower is not a cheap "get-by" mower. its a commercial mower that will give you years of service. and it will be great as you grow.
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Forget the scag...
    For lawns around 1 acre, you might want to look into the Quick 44. If you want something versatile for all lawns, the Quick 36 (though 1 acre will be a lot of back and forth with it).
    Get at least the 15HP Kaw or better the 16Kaw. Any of these options will run you under $3K.
  10. Shaun13

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    Quick 44 samauri with step saver, mulch kit, and plate was $3400. Just came in on monday and it's true what they say about the great people at better outdoor. Can't hardly beat the value for the money.

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