Buying a Mini Skid loader

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by O'Dell Equipment Rental, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. O'Dell Equipment Rental

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    I am going to be buying a mini skid loader, what kinds do you guys have or use? What do you like or dislike about certain ones? I am looking at a DW 350 or DW 500. A Vermeer 600. A Bobcat MT52. Do any of you have any experience with Kanga or Boxer?

    I will be buying it with a bucket and a trencher attachment.
    I am going to sell my DW Xt850 and replace it with a Kubota KX41 mini ex, and one of the above mini skids. Thanks for your knowledge and advice.
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    you might want to try looking under the tractor heading. there has been a long thread on mini skids. it is at 49 pages so far with lots of good info. what were your thoughts on the xt850. i have seen them and was a bit curious how they do in the real world.
    good luck
  3. O'Dell Equipment Rental

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    Thanks for the info I'll look at that thread.

    As far as the XT850 it is a great machine, but mine has had a problem blowing hoses and a problem with the front cylinder not matching with the stops and the bucket. I think DW actually changed the cylinder based on the problems with my machine. The hoses were not crimped properly.
    With those things fixed it is a great machine. I'm selling it and replacing it with 2 seperate units, that way if a renter wants both I put them on the same trailer and collect two rentals, if not I rent the other one to someone else.
  4. turfquip

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    I have a Kanga DL 520 and am very happy with it. After 750 hours the machine is tight, and the bucket cutting edges look as if they have no wear.
    Grades real nice.

    A very well built machine in my opinion.
  5. Precision Lawns

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    I have the Dithc Witch SK350. Love it. I would suggest if you're planning on using it primarily for trenching to get the 500, a bit more power.

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