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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by HDALLC, Apr 14, 2006.


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    Im thinking about buying a new eXmark Viking Hydro with stand on, to go with my 2004 eXmark LazerZ UltraCut 60" 27hp Kohler, I love my LazerZ and want a good walk behind, any input on the Viking Hydro Would be greatly appreciated

    HDALLC LawnSite Member
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    Forgot to add this in original post, Im looking at buying a Viking Hydro With stand on. any info about the Viking such as price and reliability would be great
  3. MTR

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    Are those Bunton, Bradley, Snapper you listed walkbehinds? If so, I think you have more than enough. The most productive and frontline is your Lazer 60", Viking won't help you any much more than those 3 walks you already have. One thing for sure, it will be easier to control and ride on sulky cause it has ECS but productivitywise, your Lazer will be the one.
    As for dependability? I don't like push-pull system on blade engagement that Viking use, I love manual blade engaement on TTHP cause it is very durable and simple suitable for cut, stop, cut , stop and abuses...also Viking is fixed deck which means PIA when changing height and have to loosen long 8" bolt through deck compared to somple pliers used on TTHP and no sweat.
    Also, Viking dropped its 52" due to horrible sale, meanwhile eXmark BEST-selling walk is TTHP. I know Viking has price enticement but the benefits and advantages that TTHP have over them almost make Viking extinct. Look around LCO in my area, nobody carries Viking, on the other hand TTHP and Lazers are what make eXmark today.

    HDALLC LawnSite Member
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    I'm getting rid of the snapper and bunton walk behind just dont like them, infact i have them listed on ebay, but thanks for the tips ill check out the TTHP definately sounds like the better of the two, Thanks again
  5. lazer 46

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    I have 3 TTHP"s. All 48 inch, all 17hp. I just love them. Height adjustment is a breeze. Can't say enough good things about these mowers.

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    Cool thanks,
    whats the difference between the Turf Tracer HP & Turf Tracer ??
  7. J&R Landscaping

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    Turf tracer runs a canister air cleaner, larger engine, standard electric start and electric pto clutch. John Gmaba may be able to fill in anything I have missed!
  8. MTR

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    1. Price difference
    2. TT use electric clutch like Lazer for PTO, but TTHP use mechanical blade engagement
    3. TT use 20 hp and up on engine both kohler and kawi, TTHP use 15,17, and 19 kawi.
    4. TT has so called 6.75 mph, TTHP 6.2 mph
    5. TT has ultrcut deck, TTHP use Trivantage
    6. TT has bigger and beefer frame, TTHP smaller
    7. TT has larger tires both rear and front, TTHP smaller
    8. TT use air canister filter, TTHP just what comes with kawi.
    9. TT has only 52" & 60" deck, TTHP has 36", 48", 52" NO 60"

    Anything else?...may be preference?
  9. wnccutter

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    Well, I just bought an Exmark Turf Tracer...48"...19hp...from my JD dealer...I'm completely new to walks...all my other tractors are JD's(GX255, ztr mini-717)...but the dealer (I've known him for 4 years and he has been a great help)...basically told me that this was the walk to get...I originally went in to get a JD walk...but he was emphatic that I go with the Exmark...

    I'm pretty aggresive when it comes to putting my zero on slopes but a new account I picked up has about 7,000sq feet of slope(I measured at 33% grade, thin the bottom of the slope the grade turns to 39% for about 6ft)...I'll take a chance on a slope if the landing is decent...but this just scared the heck out of me...I know you guys have been on zeros before when they slide...they tend to take off like a rocket picking up speed as they go...

    I bought the Tracer's all new to me driving one of these things...I got some jungle wheels and have been playing with it...or rather trying to devise a way to hang them when I want to switch from using the sulky to walking...I really don't want to unhook the sulky everytime I switch...but I may have to...I can't really figure the best way to go on if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it...
  10. HDALLC

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    Thanks For all the infor Guys, Looks like Im geting The TTHP.

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