Buying a new mower, help me weigh the options

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hi_speedreed, May 7, 2012.

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    So I need a new zero turn. I don't need anything huge. Big doesn't fit my business and I'm not going to buy big in hopes of one day needing it. I also refuse to buy used. I currently have a Toro Timecutter 42" and am looking at getting a 48-52. I looked at Toro, Gravely, Bobcat, Exmark and Simplicity and narrowed it down to the Exmark Pioneer 48" or the Simplicity ZT4000 48"

    The Pioneer is $5400 and the ZT4000 is $5000. What I liked about the Simplicity was the ride, height adjustment and cut. What I didn't like was the 90 day/1year warranty.

    What I liked about the Pioneer was the engine, Kaw FR651V and the 1year warranty. I did not like the ride, height adjustment, cut was ok and the plastic spindle covers and plastic discharge chute which felt cheap to me.

    I would only put 3-4 hrs a week on this mower. The Toro I currently have still runs like a top the deck is another story. Thats why I am looking. I would like to hear from anyone who has run or is currently running a Simplicity. The dealer also sells Ferris and he said this mower is a IS500Z with different decals. I looked at pictures online and they look identical.

    My reasons for not choosing the others were Toro and Gravely I did not like the mower in my price point. The Bobcat dealer kept steering me towards bigger mowers even after I told him they were too big for me and my needs.

    I might go look at a Hustler Fastrak tomorrow but you guys can save me if I am going to pay more than $5400.
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    You get another mower it's not going to change anything, the deck is going to wear out just like your Toro's because those machines are not made
    to commercial specifications, your machines sport 10 gauge decks and that's why they wear out, commercial machines come with 7 gauge steel.
    That having been said since the machine still runs good why not just order another deck, take you a day to install it but it would save you thousands.

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