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    ive got a new f350 with 6.2, 4.30 gears, gcw 19-21k depending on tank fill,it
    averages daily 10 mpg and it was 10.4 mpg no ac, these are hand calcs

    most guys pulling same loads with new diesel ive talked to claim 11-14 mpg, since I don't own one myself its speculation
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    I get 15 straight local. I do not drive with a lead foot, no 20' trailer filled end to end.

    A diesel is close to a $10,000 option.

    I can know how to maintain and repair gas.

    I know you have to put in expensive additives with the new diesel's emission systems.

    That new diesels will have to go through periodic maintenance or shut down on the road:

    Not sure if that article applies to 1/2 ton to 1 ton pick ups.

    Gas is $3.70.

    Diesel $4.20.

    I will drive 6,000 miles this year at 15 mpg.

    Gas $1,480 year.

    Diesel $1,680 year at same 15 mpg.

    $10,000 diesel option, more expensive to repair and maintain for me. No fuel savings but the opposite. Even if a diesel go me 20 mpg at a $1260 a year cost. That is a $220 a year savings.

    $10,000 / $200 = 50 years to reach the break even point. Not all people are going up steep grades pulling 10,000 + lbs every day. They need to do the math with numbers that apply to them.

    I am not a fan of the noise and smell of diesel. I have not yet had the need to justify using a diesel. Some do. I suspect many on get a diesel as a SP compensator. I see to many 3/4 DW shiny, not a scratch never used for work diesel pickups parked at the mall or supermarket.

    Remember their is a difference between a need and a want.

    I do not care if it takes me longer to to get up to speed. Those extra 2 seconds every time the light turns green is not worth $10,000.

    Once the desired mph is reached, whether 30, 40, 50 mph is still 30, 40, 50 mph gas or diesel.

    That important to hold speed up a grade, then you down shift.
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    I go through that much in fuel in a month with my 1/2 ton dodge.....
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