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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by petepolaris500, Mar 5, 2008.

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    :weightlifter:I am in the process of buying a new zero turn lawn mower. I only mow a handful of lawns, but so are rather large including my own. I work full time and do this on the side. I have never owned a zero turn before and would like some input on what to buy. I have looked at the Grass hopper 223, scag tiger cub, bunton's, gravely's, dixie chopper silver eagle, john deere, great dane, hustler z and super z, and some suggested the bad boys, but I have never researched bad boy and know nothing about them. I would like to stay in the 23-26 hp range with a 60 inch cut air cooled. I think that they are all pretty rugged build machines. I don't think I would ware any of them out. My concern is quality of cut and reliability of the machine and company. I would also like some insight on which engine to go with : kaw, brigs, generac, kohler? Is horizontal shaft better than vertical? From everyone I have talked to I have found that most think hoz is the better way to go for engine life, but the vertical's have less moving parts. I am not sure, but I think replacing a few pulleys is cheaper and easier than replacing a engine, or am I wrong. Any information would be appreciated.



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