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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by v6rs97, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Talked to someone from cl. Claims to be selling out. Has 25 accounts left in a town asking 8k for them and wants atleast 5k down. These are contracted but only a few if any have been received back for 2012. Just want some thoughts on this
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    I've bought accounts 3x. The first time I bought the accounts I paid the price of 10 mows (which was ridiculous, lesson learned. Although it worked out well for 4 more seasons) The second time I paid 2.5 the gross per week of the accounts. The third time I paid less than a week of the gross per accounts. My point is, there is no guarantee they will stick with you. Most will as long as the owner tells them whats going on. It's a risk yes, but it's a risk I will continue to take.
  3. v6rs97

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    Yea I know. Just because he had them doesn't mean I will

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