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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by precisionlawn, Jan 18, 2003.

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    I dont plan on buying accounts this year because I will have enough to handle on my own. However for the 2004 season I plan on getting, or trying to get, another crew together. Please, I dont want any replies like "why put another crew together when you might do this......" or whatever. My question is if i were to buy accounts...How would I go about doing it?.....Lets say i wanted to but 50 accounts, what would be an estimated price for them?....How does the payment options work? I've heard that you pay whoever you buy the accounts from on a monthly basis throughout the season. Please any info on BUYING ACCOUNTS would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    To me there is no direct answer. Each account is different. What is the reason someone may be selling accounts. Are the accounts not worth having?? Is it a struggle to collect money or is their property a nightmare to work at?? Instead of buying someone else problems, put that money into advirtising to gain more business.
    Just one man's opinion.
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    The type of accounts you want to purchase dictate what you will pay for the most part... along with the equipment. Why would you pay the same ammount of money for 50 postage stamp yards that just want mow N' blow as you would for 50 larger properties that want everything you have to offer... and then some? A good friend of mine bought 60 accounts a few years ago, along with a well used small truck, 2 walk behinds, a big blower, and a trimmer and back pack blower for $10,000 or something like that. Now a year or two prior to that he had found out about somebody who had 13 accounts to sell for I believe $50,000 He was stupid though and did not buy them. All they came with was a few walk behinds (2 old lockes / 2 old buntons) and some other Misc stuff.

    Hope that answers your question.
  4. precisionlawn

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    Thanks for the info. I think that I like the idea of putting the money that i would use to buy the accounts, into advertising. After I wrote this thread I was kinda thinking the same thing as I read through a couple other threads kinda like this.

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