"Buying American" + losing leads

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by americanlawn, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. americanlawn

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    Unfortunately this is a touchy subject. My company brags about using American products whenever possible (chemicals, equipment, and vehicles). Problem is, many of our customers own jap cars, trucks, etc. I realize they are "assembled" in the USA, but....the profits go overseas, and I don't like that.

    I have lost potential customers in the past cuz i mentioned we don't drive foreign trucks (only USA).


    Do you offend people if you tell them you feature American products in your brochures, etc?

    Thanks in advance
  2. larryinalabama

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    I advertise "American Owned and Operated", that however means I don't hire illegals.

    I don't think people really care what you drive.
  3. alldayrj

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    Why would you mention to a customer that you dont drive foreign trucks? It comes across as racist. I know what youre getting at, but it has nothing to do with closing whatever your lead is for
  4. Chris_NC06

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    Any customer that's going to decide whether or not to hire you based on the country of origin of the vehicles, or products you use, is a customer not worth having. It's frankly none of their business what kind of vehicles I decide to drive or use for MY business, and it's none of my business what they buy or drive. /rant :usflag::canadaflag:
  5. 32vld

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    That statement does not state this though people can think it can imply one does not hire minorities.
  6. 32vld

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    Preferring USA trucks and cars is not racist. Imports do not just come from Asia.
  7. Victorsaur

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    I think it's important to point out there is a big difference between being against a practice and being against a culture or people. I don't buy made in China as much as possible because I'm against sweatshop labor, not because I'm racist against the Chinese. The truth is Japanese people take great pride in their craftsmanship which is why I run most all Shindaiwa equipment. I also use American made products as much as I can, but sadly a lot of American made products are either made overseas and assembled in the USA or just poorly made due to our heavily post industrial economy.

    As society grows increasingly metropolitan in nature and accounting for all of the horrible racism that African Americans, Asians, and Latinos have faced in the past I think that it is important to clarify whether you are for American industry or against a particular practice.
  8. americanlawn

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    This is not about racism. Lord knows the American (native) Indians suffered more than anybody.

    "Imported from Detroit" or send profits to Osaka? That's all I'm saying. Your choice. Proud of foreign companies or proud of American companies?

    What's wrong with bringing jobs back to America? I'll spend a little more money if I know it's "USA". just sayin'

    Time to take our Country back. God bless her.
  9. foreplease

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    Yes, it would appear that you offend some people since you mention that you have lost potential customers because you mentioned that you do not drive foreign trucks (only USA). Apparently some have told you this? Ask yourself if anyone who may have been on the fence has suddenly decided to hire your company because you mentioned that you drive only trucks made in USA. Here's a heads up: people such as yourself who would be won over by such a statement will notice what you are driving without you mentioning it; people who do not care will not notice anyway. This does not help you with your question about mailed advertising pieces.

    "Jap" is a derogatory term. Why is it a problem in your vendor/business relationship with customers what car any of them drives? What kind of problem, exactly, is that?

    Profits from plenty of publicly traded American companies go or stay overseas to avoid taxes. Profits, while taxable, are a very small part of any transaction. When a foreign controlled auto manufacturer builds a facility here, the dollars spent on construction are spent in the. USA whether the company makes a profit or not. If 100 workers are hired for a new factory in Evansville, IN aren't the employees likely to come from within the USA? Where are they spending their dollars and where do their taxes go? They stay here, largely.

    There does not seem to be a sound business reason and, in fact, you have said there is some risk, to express a prejudice of any kind. Fwiw, a big turn off for me is anyone who is trying to sell me something that tries to give me their very strong political views. 9 times out of 10 I will not buy what they are selling even if I agree with their political views. Yes, I do feel strongly about some aspects of politics but I do not discuss them in the context of buying or selling anything.

  10. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    Thank you. I also understand where you're coming from. My company continues to do well (decades). We will continue to buy American products (preferably Midwest). I do not consider this "political". I figure this is love of Country. Do what you gotta do. Meantime, I (we) will always prefer "made in America".

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