Buying an acre in Mississippi seem smart?

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    If anybody has been reading my posts you should be picking up a sense of doom and gloom. America's best days are behind her at least in my lifetime. In researching wealth and poverty I found this little factoid

    Some Population Facts To Ponder

    * In high-income countries, farmers make up less than 6% of the workforce, while in low- and middle-income countries combined, they represent nearly 60% of all workers.

    Our aquifers are going to be dry. The lakes all salted up

    It seems to me that buying an acre of land in rural Mississippi or Alabama or even LA seems like a nice little insurance policy. Natural rainfall. Farm to feed yourself. May never need it and you can pass it down in your family but someday it may keep your lineage alive.

    Food for thought I guess.........
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    The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!! Run Chicken Little!!

    Mormons must be right is stocking up on tons of food.

    I think we'll be just fine in a few years. It took 8 or so years to get to this point, it may take 8 or so to get out.

    Anyway, I personally would like to see more progress in desalination so California can use water close to them instead of what flows through 2-4 states and finally gets to them. Also the collapse of the lawn irrigation industry :) Is that dry well going to be converted to a bunker? :laugh:

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    I guess it would be cheaper to just become a Mormon. I don't have to like the Osmonds to become a Mormon do I?

    I'm not worried about nukes. I'm just extrapolating population growth and water supplies. Desalination consumes a lot of energy something else rapidly dwindling. If you think our water situation is bad look at China. They have the same amount of water as Canada and 1.5 BILLION people. As China grows they are going to consume so much of the world's resources and since they own us we basically will have to agree with them.

    Do me a favor and drop the 8 year mantra. Bush had 9-11, Katrina, two wars and kept the economy going until the last two years. Their is no set date for our current crisis unless you are just being partisan.
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    The bunker was for you to live in when all hell breaks loose and people are looting and rioting.

    The 8 years also said "or so". I believe the Clinton area over inflated the economy as well. It grew so much with the dot coms, and crashed down. Too many companies with no tangible product, lots of investing money, and no care if the investors got nothing in return due to the dot com failing. also the barely regulated growth of cities and real estate and over assessed home values made it tougher to swallow when the real estate market crashed. Blame falls on both parties. And there will be blame with this admin as well.

    End of political argument.
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    Just stock up on ammunition .

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    Can't eat bullets.
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    You can kill a lot of meat, especially when herds of deer are running free around NYC. It happened to Will Smith, it could happen to you.

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    I don't know how Will Smith had time to make movies and run for President.

    Did he ever eat vegetables in that movie?
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    I left So California in 1992, I guess Im ahead of the curve. Sweet home Alabama

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    I bet you started fishing before the recession as well?

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