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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by redbuckcavs, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. redbuckcavs

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    I realize this may seem unpractical to some owners. However I have a few Ag suppliers that bag there products (21-0-0 or 46-0-0) and sell to homeowners for their lawn. These suppliers also have access to the railroad to get there fert delivered to them. Is there any large lawn care Supplier ( Andersons -UAP etc )who would sell an entire rail car and have it delivered to the Ag supplier which in turn would charge a small fee to unload and Bag it.

    I know this may seam far - fetched . But, I could use a large portion of this material and possibly sell some to my "friends" who visit this site.
  2. grassguy_

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    the margins for most Ag suppliers is minimal, and most likely won't mix for you via a load shipped railcar over what they have in stock. Likewise most Ag suppliers are not licensed to mix anything besides straight mixes, they can't mix control products such as fert +pre, or fert with weed control, fert and insect control, etc. I like your idea, i wish it was able to be done, but from my experience it doesn't fly.
  3. ICT Bill

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    That scenario is usually called a "private label" and many many manufacturers do it. It keeps their numbers up with their suppliers so that they can continue to get the bulk pricing discount, they make a little profit and keep their people busy by filling your order

    Call around and ask, they may have a yearly minimum that you may not be able to reach with one order per year, but hey what can they say NO, they may direct you someone that will. companies like fertrell do it all of the time

    In golf and Ag they park a 45 ft trailer that has 4 compartments on it filled with bulk fert, no bags, once you use it up they take the old one and bring a new one. It looks like their are 4 dumpsters on a trailer and basically they are, just filled with fertilizer

    Hard times takes smart thinking
  4. rcreech

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    Ag grade fert sucks! Plus no SCU unless custom blended!
  5. bug-guy

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    the big trailers you see at the golf course are called killebrews spelling might be wrong
  6. redbuckcavs

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    I was in a hurry when I typed my original Questions. The type of fert that I would like to purchase is something along the line of Lesco 30-0-10 w/ 50% percent slow release. I wouldn't't think the big lawn fert companies would custom blend it and then load it on a railcar. However, with that large of a quantity it never hurts to ask
  7. heritage

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    I bought 44-0-0 from my Ag supply house. It's Blue and Polomer coated.

    I used it as a replacement for Nutralene and it (44-0-0) lasted 12 weeks this past rainy spring.

    It's called ESN. Great Ag Fert.


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