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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by vanmaldegen, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. vanmaldegen

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    please need advice on buying a ztr mower . I mow about 2 acres . Currently I am looking at a grasshopper 225 for $8000 . I never want to purchase another mower and know not what I am doing . Any advice is greatly appreciated . Thanks for your time , Charlie
  2. GCS LawnService

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    I'm a John Deere owner but I was told by the local Toro/Grasshopper Dealer that the Grasshoppers rode rougher than a cob. They praise the Toro like they are gold. I like to go by the Toro/Grasshopper Dealership every now and then due to the owners well endowed daughter.

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  3. GCS LawnService

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    I meant to advise you that a John Deere 757 which is about the same machine as the Grasshopper 225. The John Deere 757 has a 25hp Kawasaki and a 60" 7 Iron Deck should run approximately $7500.00 here in Tennessee. I would definately look for a mower with a Kawasaki engine whatever you decide to purchase.

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  4. BB36

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    Check into the Toros and Hustlers Zs .Strong machines ,quick, and give a nice cut. Personally I run Toros with Kawi's.
  5. EJK2352

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    What the heck is the word competion in your signature line????? Don't you mean competition???:confused: ED
  6. BB36

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    Nice catch.Now I have something to do tonight.
  7. Mr.Ziffel

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    Each and every one of us has our own preference for mowers and many folks here will say theirs is the best simply because that's the one they own. As my wife says, what good does it do to ask someone how they like their new Cadillac [or Lexus, etc.]?After all, how many people are going to tell you, Oh, I hate it, I'm so stupid I picked the wrong car and made a $50,000 mistake.
    Now substitute an $8,000 lawn mower for Cadillac and hopefully my point is made.

    My suggestion is to spend some time reading old posts on this site and try to sort out a few common themes. Get an idea of who posts factual, well-thought out comments and who posts the my mower's the best cause it's the one I bought comments. Then call a few different dealers in your area and get a feel for how they handle their business and how comfortable you are with them. At this point you might have chosen a couple to visit and kick some tires. Then last but not least, I have only three more very important points.

    1] Demo the mower
    2] Demo the mower
    3] Demo the mower

    Oh, did I mention that you need to demo the mower? Do not believe anything any salesman tells you about how his mower will cut your property. You're the one spending the $8000 and he's the one who wants it and he'll tell you anything to get it. If the dealer won't or can't arrange a demo on your property for his mower then you need to move on to the next dealer. The last mower I bought, I had two different dealers bring their mowers out the same day an hour apart. I mowed one side of a large lawn with the first one and and the second half with the second so I could look at them side by side. The difference was very evident and my decision was easy. In parting, let me suggest you find the thread about people's worst equipment decisions. I didn't post there but if I had, it would include equipment that I didn't run until after I had bought and paid for it and then found out it didn't work in quite the way the salesman had promised it would.
    Good luck, Will M>

    PS: You might want to consider Exmark.
  8. mowngrow

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    demo them all then buy what suits your personal needs. we can give opinions all day about what to buy, only YOU know what YOU need and want.
  9. grassdaddy

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    7250 for a 225/61 hopper with a suspension seat and donalson air filter.Priced one yesterday at garden show.They ride real good;that rough as a cob stuff is horse sh1t!
  10. GCS LawnService

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    I did not mean to offend you I was just passing on what the dealer said. It might be horse dung but I was passing on the information as it was told to me and you know what opinions are like......

    "Nothing Runs Like A Deere" :blob2:

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