Buying cusotmers- please help!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sixpixels, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Are these all under contract, and if so. For how long?

    If they are under contract. The most I have paid for an account was one months worth of service. So if its a $50 per cut I pay $200.

    If not, walk away....
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    don't pay for a customer epic mentioned. a contract for lawn service is what you need to buy...
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    question - whats the difference?

    A. the customer signs the contract with the old guy, so hence contract does not apply to new guy

    B. are you really going to drag someone to court over a lost lawn contract? customer decides not drop you, so instead of shaking their hand and admitting that you were just not the right fit, you tell them , tuff your in a contract so sue me? i doubt that, if you do that word will get around, plus even if it went to court all the cusotmer has to do is claim shes not happy with your work.

    The list alone isnt worth alot, but if the old owner is willing to hold hands for a while and the entire process is done smoothly with little tranistion for the cusomters there should be little to no loss. and thats where the money is
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    Bingo! We have a winner. Residential contracts are worthless.
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    resi contract are not worthless. Took my fair share to court and won and collected when they defaulted.

    I can sell you a customer list for 5 bucks... A contract at least states that someone is locked into a contract for hire. and depending on how the sale of the business is handled, does not mean that a contract becomes null/void on the change in ownership of a company.

    Six keep in mind and ask yourself the question.....WHY is he selling? Why is he honeslty getting out he business....I'd put money on the fact that he's not making he's trying to cut his losses and run...
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    yes and as i had pointed out in another post, there will be loss even if he doesnt sell, just becasue those people that are "sticking it out for the remainder of the season"

    as for court - glad you won, but that word spreads around, they wanted to cancel for one reason or another. not sure why. but do you really think that your time in court is worth more than if you were just out making money cutting grass?? yeah you can win alot in court, and you can also drive back and forth 4 seperate times, with dismisals, continueances, thers no gaurantee and even if you do win, collecting is still a whole different issue.

    If you repeat this process enough time, word will get around, and soon you will be known as the contractor that just likes to sue people.

    Granted there are times for it....if they were on a seasonal contract and canceled halfway into it, and you just did a spring cleanup, and spring bush trimming....odds are you have done more work than what they have paid...that situation deserves a second look, and your contract should have something in there about canceling...
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    I couldn't see myself buying a customer. I'd rather spend the money on building my brand or equipment.

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