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buying equipment online


LawnSite Senior Member
who here has purchesed equipment online does anyone know who has the best prices online for redmax power equipment.


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On a side note,
Alot of people don't condone buying equipment online because you are cutting your dealer out. However, this is a two-way street. If a dealer sucks, he needs to be cut. Therefore, if I come across a good piece at a great price (I prefer new), and the dealer is too far away, or I don't like him, or he sucks, I'll buy online. Personally, I have a really good Deere dealer near me, I like the equipment, and they have great service (except I'm getting pretty impatient for having to wait 3 weeks now for a simple BP blower carb rebuild kit:realmad: ). But I try not to cut them and I give them all my business in return. However, for example last year I bought a Maruyama hedge trimmer at about half price and don't know the dealer anyway. Bottom line, customer service: if it is worth paying for do it, if not buy online and save$$payup


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NW, Iowa
Call travis - great guy, great service, great assortment to choose from. Buying online - EBAY. I just purchased a new Snow blower - toro. Wb unit that we can throw into back of truck to so the walks, rest gets plowed. Dealer - $900, next dealer 30 miles away $889. Ebay - did the BUY NOW option, $769 free shipping, no tax. It's my money to spent wisely!