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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by natureman, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. natureman

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    Any Canadian operators considered going over the border to save money on equipment? Seems to be a big price difference,think I could save $2000.+ driving to New York state and picking up a Toro Z550. Could someone recommend a good Toro dealer in New York state. Thanks!
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    make sure you talk to a Brokerage Company first so all the paperwork is done when you get to the border. Saves hassles and having to pay right there.
  3. dcondon

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    You are so right!!!! It's going to be more of a pain then it's worth!!!!!!!!!!
  4. green814

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    If you could find the right dealer they may be willing to wright up a sales slip for the selling price being lower than you actually paid. I had heard a couple guys did this w/ sport bikes.Dont know if they just lied at border on amount or if dealer helped, but couldnt hurt to find a dealer & at least talk to him about it. I need to get a bigger trailer this year and I found a dealer that told me I take care of sec. of state paperwork (will have to pay tax :realmad: ) but the dealer said the mso is a sticker on the tongue. Michigan went to permanent plates last year- I dont wanna have to pay anymore :D .Just talk to the dealer-hopefully someone will recommend a dealer they work w/ all the time & his salesman will "take care of you".

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