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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Allen's LS, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Allen's LS

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    Just looking for a little feed back and advice on equipment.
    1) Is it better to start out with new equipment or buy used?
    2) If buying new is there any savings by having a business license?
    3) If buying used, where is the best place to get good used landscape equipment? i.e. newspaper, auctions, friends, etc???
    any advice would be helpful. By the way I'm in the Seattle area if anyone has links or advice on where to go. :help:
  2. buddhacj7

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    EBAY! That is a great place to find anything. Just dont fall for the zero turn mower auction scam!!!
  3. Mo Green

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    I'll try to help a bit with answering your questions.

    1) Depends on your budget.
    2) Not that I have found.
    3) E-bay is a great place to find good deals, the local paper or trading post can also be a valuable resourse.

    If you want to buy new, I think late in the year just before the new inventory comes out is the best time. It's kind of like buying a new car - same principle.
  4. Allen's LS

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    Thanks for the advice. I have looked in the paper and not had very much luck when going out to look at the equipment. It usually has not been up to par as far as what was stated in the paper. I am going to go to an auction in a couple of weeks that I found out about from a buddy of mine. I think I will have to check out E-bay also. I will have to find out when the local shops are switching out equipment and try that as well
    Again, thanks for the advice, it helps a lot. :cool2:
  5. muddstopper

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    Personally, I like to buy used. I have found that as long as I have patience, I can usually find what I need at a bargain price. One must know what to look for because it is easy to get burnt. I dont like auctions, its usually buy as is where is and you dont get to try them out. A used peice of equipment doesnt depriciate in value like a new machine will. Kind of like buying a car. Once you drive it off the lot you have already took a hit in depreciation value on the vehicle. Buying new is nice but if you are just starting out a good used peice of equipement will make as much money as a new machine and not bankrupt you with payments. Of course a bad peice of equipemnet can be as big a burden if you have to spend as much money working on it as you make working with it.
  6. Carolina Cuts

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