Buying large quantities of 2 cycle??

tony b

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Stihl offers 2 cycle in 5, 16, and 55 gal. If you buy the 55 gal its about half the price of buying 2.5 mixes by the case. I figure it will take me 6 yrs. to use 55 gal. But I'm also sure that the price is only going up over the next 6 yrs. Anyone else do this?

Ridin' Green

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That's 2750 gallons of 2 stroke mixed fuel if you mix it 50:1. You're gonna have go through that much fuel in handhelds to use it all up in 6 years. Can you do that, and can you keep moisture out of the barrel for 6 years?

tony b

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I use somewhere around 450 gal of mixed gas in a season. Sometimes as much as 7.5 a day in leaf season. Just seems like a less expensive method and I'm certain the price of oil isn't going down.