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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by javelin377, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. javelin377

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    I am currently working full time at a public job, and mowing in the evenings and working until dark.

    I have been presented with the opportunity to purchase a private lawn care business in my town. This guy has some of the high end residential loyal customers, and some very nice commercial accounts. Not as in lowballer prices or accounts either, This guy has made his living off of the business.

    It comes with front mount mower, trailer, blower, weedeater, ect. I currently am running a very capable front mount grasshopper, so I would have to mowers, trailers ect.

    This is a big leap for me, especially since I have been at my current job almost 10 years.

    The business is priced right I do belive, used value on the equipment, and approx 3 mowings on the accounts.

    I know this is what most guys dream about as in going on your own, making it ect, ect. Im just torn as to leave full time steady public work, and make that leap

    Any tips, advice, success stories, horror stories?

    Any help, tips, advice
  2. Catmann

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    If you are making a career move, get a lawyer. You need someone from the outside looking out for your best interests and giving you a reality check along the way so you can feel confident in what you are doing.
  3. javelin377

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    Yes, however my wife is excellent at reality checks
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  4. The Grounds Crew

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    If I were you I would ask your previous company if you can take a leave of absence for a month or so (I'm guessing you can do this if you've been there ten years). Then I woud work with the lawn care company for the time being and see if it really suits you and if you really wan't to take it on full time. You will also get to know the routes, customers, and equipment so if you decide to make the switch it will be with ease. You can always buy it and have someone loyal do all the work and run the crew while you keep your fulltime job.
  5. javelin377

    javelin377 LawnSite Member
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    That's not gonna be an option. I have worked for them long enough and seen enough with them to know when I bring it up will be my last day.
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