Buying my first zturn, asking for some help

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Mitchkrama, May 21, 2013.

  1. clydebusa

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    What New England mowing season 15 weeks? :sleeping:
  2. Grady1

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    You do realize you're in the Homeowner section? The OP said he's a 1.5 acre property owner not "Scalp and screw lawn care." Apparently if he's looking to spend X amount $ on a ZTR he takes some pride in what his property looks like. Do you have cool season grass in OK? 30 times a year? That's a joke. I'm in the same zone as him. I am mowing my 1.2 acres of tf every 3-4 days @ 1"-1 1/2" each cut and that's with very little rain. #13 mow yesterday. Chit yards?, 30 times a year. True cool season turf LAWNS that people take pride in? Endless.
  3. Mitchkrama

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    Mowing season out here is roughly 7-8 months a year (from April to November or first snowfall on average). Although in the last 4-6weeks the grass can be cut every other week.
  4. clydebusa

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    True didn't realize I was in the home section. Didn't know all the details. So now that I know, I think he should take his two choices, flip a coin and that would be the one. If he says oh that one, best 2 out of three, than we know the one he wants.
  5. Brules

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    lol You guys up north are lucky and have REAL grass, not Bermuda Weed like we do down south lol......
  6. Grady1

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    Very true Mitch. I mowed for the 1st time this year, on April 15th, it snowed 3 days later. I mowed last year on Dec 3rd and I live I the snowbelt! Damn this turf lawn. :)
  7. dieselscut

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    While true an inexperienced operator will have a tendency to turf in turns using a wheel motor/pump unit. The transaxle units wont handle hills and by that I mean side hilling like independent wheel motors do. So if you plan on using around berms or side hilling be aware.

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