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Buying new Exmark

Double D

LawnSite Member
Memphis, TN
Hello all, I am going to upgrade this spring from a 33" widecut mower with a combo deck. I have decided to buy a 48" Exmark Metro hp (floating deck, belt drive). Here is my question--I have 4 dealers within 15 miles that carry the Exmark line, and all 4 have quoted me the MSRP for the mower ($3199). How should I go about trying to get the best price. To be more specific, is it like buying a car? Do I try to get the dealers trying to out do one another? Do I go in with a price, and tell them to sell it at that price or I will go elsewhere? What is the best approach? I have no clue how pricing in this business is done. I also plan on using the Exmark defered interest and payment plan, which I know cost the dealer some cash. What is a fair price for this mower after factoring in the cost to the dealer for the defered payments. Thanks in advance
Double D


LawnSite Fanatic
I think it all depends on the dealer. Some dealers in my area will not budge on their price, while a couple of others will work with me. I would not pay MSRP. Are you buying new because of warranty? If not, I would try to get a slightly used mower. If you want to buy new I think you should go into the shop w/ a reasonable price and make an offer. Or maybe you could go ahead and make out a check for what you want to pay.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Central Florida
Call dealers out of the area and try to find lower prices, then take them to the local dealers and see what they can do. Don't pay MSRP! The dealer thinks so little of you that he is going to sell you the item for as much as he possibly can. I don't care what others say, you should expect something besides full price.


LawnSite Silver Member
After reading grassmasters novel a couple of days ago about his buissness, i myself would feel guilty trying to nagotiate for a mower! The dealer i get my equipment from sells most of his equipment at msrp... i pay it and i dont complain! He has the best service around and will even send someone to a jobsite in 10 minutes if a peice of equipomwnt from him goes down and im in a jam. When i take something in there to be fixed theyll stop what there doing and fix my machine while i wait! The moral of the story is that price isnt always the most important factor! buy form who you can trust and who has the best service.


LawnSite Senior Member
North of Seattle
I have absolutely no compunction about asking for a better price---all they can do is say no and the operative word here is no. You can feel sorry all you want for Grassmaster, but if he doesn't want to sell for a lower price then....he can just say no! Then the ball's in your court--you can either say no or say, 'well I know you give good service and have helped me out in the past so I'll pay your price.'

No one ever forced Grassmaster or any other dealer to sell at a low price if they didn't want to. Remember, it's
MS(uggested)RP. That's SUGGESTED not REQUIRED in order to allow dealing and bargaining, generally favoring the consumer---YOU! If there were not adequate profit margin built in by the manufacturer for the dealer to keep his doors open, then the dealer is making some wrong decisions about what line to carry--This is NOT your problem.

I have found dealers to be all over the board on what prices they ask for and what prices they will take. Again, it's my choice to ask and their choice to say no. Don't feel sorry for those bleeding crocodile tears about low profit margins--it's by their choice they deal in those lines and if they make the wrong business choice......just like you they must shut the doors. Cold I know, but ask yourself, who's given you anything lately? Just my thoughts.


LawnSite Member
1)Visit the on-line Exmark site. (http://www.exmark.com/)
2)Search for dealers within a specified radius of your area.
3)E-mail them all - tell them what you are looking for and ask for pricing and availability.
4)After you receive the lowest price, e-mail all the dealers again and state that your lowest price to date is $xxxx.xx and ask if they can beat it.
5)Go pick up your mower.

This may take a little time and effort but believe me it works.


LawnSite Senior Member
Flint, Michigan
Don't pay MSRP. One of them will be willing to deal. First check out some local mowing companies and ask about their service. Service is the key. You can't have down time. If your mower has to go in for work are they going to give you a loner mower (not a piece of junk)? Sometimes it is worth it to pay a little more upfront to have good service.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I paid $3500.00 for my exmark 48" hydro and $2300.00 for my exmark 36" hydro. Both in excellent cond.with very low hours. I have owned 1 belt drive and will never own one again. I'm not rich by no means, but I feel strongly about paying extra for the hydro drive over the belt. I just kept in touch with my dealer and told him what I was looking for. When he came across something he thought I would be interested in he let me know. I might have overpaid, but I'm happy with what I have and service has been good so far.


LawnSite Senior Member
Keep checking with those dealers during the winter about any older models, like last year's stock. I usually buy mine that way and have saved alot of money. Last two big mowers I bought, I bought in Feburary and saved around $3,000 between the two.


LawnSite Member
Originally posted by Volman39
2)Search for dealers within a specified radius of your area.
It's important that the 'specified radius' is an acceptable amount to travel for service also. Joe Blow dealer located across the street might not provide very good service if the mower was bought 100 miles away. He certainly wouldn't provide a loaner when yours went down.