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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mjolle1, May 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys

    Hopefully buying a new mower this week. In the past I have not done much mowing just landscape and home improvement but I have used homeadvisor and got more into mowing this year. Anyhow, right now I have a 48" exmark walk behind and am looking to buy another mower, thinking a zero turn. Since I still do not have much mowing to do, only about 15 lawns, I was not gonna buy a heavy duty commercial mower. I was looking at theToro TimeCutter SS5000. Let meknow what you think. I am trying to keep it close to $3k for the purchase until I get a little bigger. Thanks!
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    Im not sure how long you plan to be cutting grass but that toro, while being an awsome homeowner machine that will give buyers years of service at the homeowner level, wont last very long. If you can get by with using the current mower I would suck it up until you have more funds for a real commercial piece of machinery. That machine just wont last cutting day in, and day out and will be only a hinderence when trying to expand your business. Good luck
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    Thanks. I had a feeling. i just want to get about 2 seasons out of it before I upgrade. I dont plan on being a large lawn cutting company

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