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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by roeslandscaping, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Come on! :cry: YOu said the mower was dead because of 200 demo hours. Whether it took a little or alot of additional abuse during that time, chances are it will show up during a typical 2 year warranty or in my case, Toro warranty is 5 years 1200 hours. Not to mention youre getting around 2k off the price.
  2. puppypaws

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    You made a number of really good points in this post, many of which had more to do with manners, than mowers.

    You are like myself, I want new, so if there is a problem, it is my problem, and not one somebody else started for me, but this is no more than a matter of preference from different people.

    Some people want the $500 off a going price, whereas with myself, I want new, and this is nothing but a difference in people, and not to say one way is better than the other.
  3. jrs.landscaping

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    I agree it was used as a loaner, and who plays nice with loaners? I know I don't, nor do I play nice with demos. Just my opnion. 200 hours is a lot for a demo, we could have bought a demo with 210 hours with a brand new deck for 3k off book. To me that is too many hours with ? different operators "testing the limits" of that machine.
  4. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    I guess I'll say it again. $2000 off the going price.
  5. Greg78

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    So did you buy them?
  6. That's a no brainer, $2-k off plus 2 yr warranty
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  7. puppypaws

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    I just threw $500 out there because most all demos I see are sold by 25 hrs. or less, and that would be roughly 10 demos. Most dealers don't want you running a mower over a couple of hours, my dealer takes them out, and many times never picks them up, they're sold immediately. I would say my dealer has never had a demo mower go over 50 hrs. if that, they sell them to fast.

    My dealer brought me a new (.6 hrs. on the meter) 35 hp, 72" Hustler Super Z to run, but this 15 mph machine will cut an unbelievable amount of grass in 1 hr. I did not buy that particular mower, but a person from the next state below (SC), bought the mower two weeks later. I bought the same mower about three weeks back and the mower had a special build classification. I ordered the mower before they would build it because of having the 35 hp Kawasaki and a 72" deck. They don't sell many of that particular machine, my dealer said he had only sold two this year, but a ton of the same mower with a 60" deck, not many people want a mower with a 72" deck.

    The $2000 figure is about right for a deduction from going price of a mower with that number of hours. My dealer told me he uses a $10 per hour figure for depreciation when trading for name brand mowers, and more for a lesser known name brand.
  8. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    Wow I'm glad I don't trade with him. I usually trade around 2-2500 hours. That would be rough paying him several thousand for taking my trade........:laugh:
  9. Will P.C.

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    I have seen guys to popping mini 'wheelies' over and over, demolition derby, off road adventures, towing/pulling heavy equipment, running over large rocks on purpose, with loaner mowers.

    People treat demo mowers with more respect since they only have them out for 3 hrs and dealers seem to check over the machine more.
  10. catpride22

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    Thats what happens with these posts it just becomes a battle of opinions and no one even cares about the origanal post,that poor guy is probaly scared to say what choice he made.

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