Buying new mowers in a few hours! READ ASAP

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by roeslandscaping, Sep 27, 2012.

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    in Michigan a 2 year warranty consists of about 8 months of solid mowing, nothing is going to break in that period thats why they have two year warranty, the company knows it can hold together that long.
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    hahaha, thats hillarious!!!

    Anyways, as for 180hrs being a lot for a demo..... I wouldnt hesitate. When I first started out I bought nothing but auctioned brickman 60" turf tracers with 1000-1200 hrs and I had no problems. With that being said those mowers get the hell beat out of them so I cant imagine a machine with 180hrs is going to be really all that bad.

    On the other hand I agree with a few others. This time of year I BETTER BE GETTING A STEAL of a deal If im buying those machines!!.

    Good luck though man, I wouldnt be to concerned about those hours if I were buying!!!
  3. We cut weekly here no matter what from may 1-October 30, then EOW from nov 1-April 30. I have started cutting weekly as early as march 1 before on lawns if we had a mild winter. So a 2 yr warranty here is a lot longer than 8 months of mowing.
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    AMEN, man i thought i was the only one with that opinion.My exmark dealer has 6 demo/loaners on hand at all times they told me that there going stop have a demo/loaner program because people just beat them in the ground then they cant sell them,they still have 3 year old demo's that they cant give way.When im at the dealer we always play this game called you'll never guess how many miles are on that mower.And my dealer blows them of with a hose and put them right back in line with rest they dont check blades,oil, or nothing.It's the same sh@t every time i go there.
  5. catpride22

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    Thats what im trying to say in your area that 2 years would work for ya,here in michigan 2 years is a joke.Im also a snowmobiler they come with a year warranty last year i road my sled 450 miles because of lack of snow there went that year warranty.
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    I'll take new every time unless I know the machine only has a few hours on it, and the deal is just too good to pass up, especially with the full warranty, but it'd have to be a very good deal and look like new still.

    The dealers in my area only give demo's out for a couple properties at a time and they're there to see how you treat it. My Deere dealer had a loaner last year that had about 170 or so hours on it when they loaned it to me, and it was beat like the proverbial redheaded step child in that amount of time. They tried to sell it to me this year before I bought my new Z, but I already knew what shape it was in and the price was ridiculous. Not much lower than a new one. Another member of this board actually bought it back in the early part of the cutting season. I talked to him via PM about what I knew was wrong with it, but he thought he looked good and was getting a fair deal. I hope it has worked out for him.
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    Thanks for all your posts guys. I did end up getting the demo mower, i have used it and it runs great. However i did keep my 05 lazer z with 2000 hours on it to use as a backup. The demo was used as a loaner while other guys mowers were getting fixed. I hope it lasts, as im sure it will, i just have to take care of it, and it will be fine. Thanks
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    Also bought a brand new 52" Turf Tracer. Love it as well. Paid A little over $16,800 with tax incl. as well as a exmark ocdc for the lazer.
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    This amount has got to be wrong!!!
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    I certainly hope for his sake it is!

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