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Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by Tanaka, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Tanaka

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    Where does everyone shop for handheld products online?

  2. vanguard

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    eBay payup
  3. nocutting

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    Aerators, slit seeders, lawn & Tree sprayers, trucks, whatever?......E-Bay is the Place:waving:
  4. Gautreaux's LNG

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    Does Tanaka allow their products to be sold online?

    I'm currently carry RedMax and Husqvarna handheld equipment. I'm dropping Husqvarna and I'm looking for a line to replace it. I'm very interested in Tanaka replacing Husqvarna but allowing the product to be sold by dealers online would be a great concern for me.

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  5. Tanaka

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    Yes, we do allow our dealers to sell online, but only a small percentage actually do. We don't want to take away our dealers' ability to gain additional sales and many landscapers enjoy the convenience of shopping online.

  6. newz7151

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    It's confusing, is that a concern for the good, or concern for the bad?
  7. Gautreaux's LNG

    Gautreaux's LNG LawnSite Senior Member
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    Online sales would be a negative. Items sold over the internet are not serviced. Therefore if the buyers recieves the item, attempts to get it ready for use but has trouble or something is wrong with the unit the he expects the local dealer (which he skipped over to buy online) to help him make it right. The guy who sold him the unit from halfway across the country will be of little or no assistance.

    This issue has been beaten to death on lawnsite.....
  8. DLS1

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    Wrong. Of course items bought new or used over the internet will be serviced by the dealer.

    You sound like a dealer that doesn't want to lose money to other dealers over the internet. All this talk about not serviced is redicuois if their is a local dealer. Dealers will gladly turn in warranty work since it is money coming in to them.

    I bought a brand new commercial mower off the internet from a dealer out of state and saved over $1,000 which includes savings from not paying local/state taxes. I just had warranty work done it by local dealer and they were glad to get the business. I have gotten other items serviced locally with no problem.

    As long as the company has a dealer network to service the product in your area then what is the big deal. :)

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