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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by extremerc76, May 1, 2009.

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    i am going to build a taller cage around the entire perimeter of one of my trailers (12x6.6) to use for leaves and other debris. i am planing on welding up some square stock to build the frame of the upper cage, then welding on some expanded steel mesh around the frame like the factory did for the bottom, i will get some pics up soon of how it sits now so you have a better idea of what im talking about. my only question is where should i buy the steel, usually i buy it at either home depot or lowes but this is for small quantity stuff, only because of their prices. im gonna need a good amount of 2x2 square stock and mesh any suggestions of where to get it around northern NJ????
  2. seabee1

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    are there any surplus centers near you ,that sell supplies from company's that went out of business ?
  3. Toy2

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    I know someone who built something like that out of metal bed rails, yes bed was cheap 2......
  4. GravelyNut

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    Most welding shops will sell you the metal cheaper than HD or Lowes.
  5. GravelyNut

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    Bed rails are tough too.
  6. cantoo

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    Good luck cutting bed rails and they are very brittle. Not worth the hassle to use them.

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