Buying used equipment


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Anyone buy used equipment or just all new? If so what are your reasons? Was looking to get a 54" or larger walk behind and have seen many in "Tradin' Times" that are less than a season or two old for quite a big price reduction than buying new.


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If I were working by myself or with the crew and was good at working on equipment, than used might be a good way to go.<p>If you're sending out crews each day, you want to send them out with newer, under warranty equipment.


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I only buy new equipment. I work alone and don't want to buy something that another company (or their employees) may have not taken care of. It may cost me more but it's worth the peace of mind.
We buy both new and used. At first all I bought was used and have had good luck. If your going to buy use just make sure you look it over in detail. Take a good look look for new welds, cracks, any noise the motor makes, ect, ect. Like I said I have had good luck only 2 times did it get me and both of those times I had someone esle buy them for me. I dont buy smaller stuff used. Like string trimmers hedge trimmers blowers and so on. Those I perfer to buy new to many chances that someone had wrong mix ect ect. Mowers sod cutter other large ticket items that are used once in a while or a mower that will be used daily we have bought. I have saves tons of money and have found some great deals. It can work out to be a great thing. Just spend time looking the piece over.


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A mechanic told me one day &quot; I have people come in her alot and tell me to get there mowers ready just enough to sell&quot; But I would buy a used diesel tractor from a homeowner. If he is the original owner. I don't think I would buy used commercial stuff.