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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmk395, Jan 26, 2001.

  1. dmk395

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    I am looking for a 48" commerical walk behind,and am leaning towards buying new. However I am sure some dealers have used machines, anybody have any luck with them from dealers? Advice?
  2. I'd only buy used from a dealer I knew something about. Does he have a good reputation in the community of being a straight forward kind of guy. Does he know the history of the mower in question. Before buying from someone you are unfamiliar with ask around and get the opinion of some other lawn maintenance contractors in the area.
  3. Esby

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    I would never buy from a dealer that I didn't know, unless I knew alot about the mower and it would have to have low hours. Sometimes when you buy used machinery, you are just buying somebody elses problems. But then again, sometimes you can get a good deal. Just be careful! A good thing to do when you are buying used from a dealer is to ask for the owners name and phone #. Give the person a call and have them tell you about it. This goes for just about anything, from mowers to cars. Good luck!!!
  4. lawman

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    Check the past threads, there is one that gives a very nice list of items to look for when you are going to buy a used pice of equipment.
  5. Ssouth

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    Now is a good time to call dealers and see if they are selling demo models. My father just bought a 48" Exmark walk-behind that was a demo for about $700 under list price.( mower still has warranty as if it was new). Don't know about any other dealers but mine keeps all of his demo's and rental equipment in better shape than I do.
    Good luck
  6. cleancut

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    Today, I picked up a used Great Dane that was a demo. I bought it from a dealer that I have bought 4 other mowers from in the past..The mower is a 18hp 52in elec start Great Dane Surfer..It wasn't demoed very much and has very little use on it..Even though the mower is used, the dealer gave me a full warranty..1 yr. on the deck, 2 yrs. on the engine, and 5 yrs. on the wheel motors..Tax and all, I got the mower for $3600...I just couldn't pass that deal up..The only problem that I had was finding room in my garage..Derrick ( Clean-Cut )
  7. CCLC

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    Make sure you have a dealer that you can trust. Find out how they ended up with the machine, who had it, and if the dealer had done any work on it.
  8. Barkleymut

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    Cleancut, that does sound like a good deal, does that have the 18 B&S? I have heard a lot of things about Great Dane having financial problems which might affect their parts supply in the future but we all know that just because you hear something doesn't mean anything at all.
  9. Likestomow

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    If I can buy a piece of equipment used and in good shape, I will most often do that. But what I do is go to a large market if I have the time.

    I live in Chattanooga, TN, about 250,000 pop., but I love to shop around for deals in Atlanta. It is only 125 miles away and the atmosphere is so different. If I look long enough I can usually find what I want, and often I find good deals - someone getting out of the business or has already gotten out.

    In the smaller markets people are too proud of their stuff. In the big cities people are more apt to just sell their stuff and move on. And be sure to take CASH. It has a way of creating more interest and excitement with sellers.
  10. cleancut

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    Barkleymut,,,The Dane does have the 18 hp elec. start briggs on it..As for financial problems, Great Dane was just bought out by John Deere, so I don't think they'll be any problems there..John Deere is supposed to keep the two companies separate but only time will tell...Derrick

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