Buying Used Skid Steer?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by JCinTx, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. JCinTx

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    I am considering purchasing a used 2001 bobcat 883 with about 3000 hours on it, is that just too many hours? We have an A300 right now, but need another machine for a couple of additional jobs coming up that will last about three months, so I can rent a machine(which are typically from my experience worn out POS’s) for the three months and cost me about $6k, or I can purchase a used machine for $16k. I know there are a lot of variables, i.e., how the machine was taken care, what environment used in, etc, but is there a rule of thumb that despite the variables, at some point the majority of the “good” is gone from the machine, where it may run for another 3000 hours, but every hundred hours or so it’s in the shop for something different…..i’d rather not deal with those headaches!! Thanks for any insight!
  2. Fordsuvparts

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    16K is way to much for that machine with that many hours. You need to shop around maybe even look on line at Ironplanet.Com, they have tons of skidloaders on every week. That 883 should be more like 10 or 11k around here and even then it would be to much.
  3. Scag48

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    I'd offer $11K for that machine, it's worth about $12,500 at MOST.
  4. Mike33

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    Most peole beat the hell out of skid loaders i would be careful. If you could get maintance records would help. 3k hours see if drive chains, hyd. pump, and engine could be very expensive repairs. That price is too kigh though.
  5. RockSet N' Grade

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    If you want that machine and it is a dealer item, negotiate with them. Either drop the price or they can have their price if they give you a 1,000 hour guarantee on parts and labor and will provide a replacement machine if this one breaks down.......I know they wont go for it, but it is a good place to start your negotiations.
  6. ksss

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    The 883 was not Bobcat's brightest star. It was weighted down to compete with the other heavy lift machines in market. Problem is the motor was not turned up and nothing was beefed up. So basically what you have is real heavy 873 that has no power and is too lightly built for its new weight class. I would look that machine over very close and pull maint. records if you can. If your really sold on that machine.That not being the case, I would look for a different machine if it were me. If you want to spend 16K you should be able to find a 250 for that kind of money.
  7. JCinTx

    JCinTx LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    Thanks for everyone’s input!….i’m far from a guru on these skids! It did seem like that machine was pretty high for the hours it had, although I’ve been checking around and I can’t find any heavy lifting machines for any less than around $15k for any less hours. The only places I’ve looked also, were ebay, online trader, and a couple of dealer sites. I did check out iron planet after Fordsuvparts suggested it also, so thanks Ford! And Ksss, I appreciate the info, I definitely didn’t know that about the 883, and would much rather have the 250, but haven’t seen any reasonably priced ones. If anyone happens to run across a good used one let me know!! I believe I’m just going to go ahead and rent one for these additional projects….at least if I have problems with the rental, I can give it back! I sure appreciate everyone’s help!

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