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buying used trailers


LawnSite Senior Member
I know of diff. trailer "deals" around here, but I know some, that I wouldn't touch, just because I wouldn't trust them. Seems like it would be too easy to snatch one on the East Side, and sell it on the West Side. Leaving me with a hot trailer, and no $ for bail. I'm sure their are alot of honest people out there, but hate to take a chance. As a rule, I buy most things new, just for peace of mind (guns, tools, electronics, ect.)
Do I ask the sweet old lady to show reciepts where she bought it? Buy from an ad in the paper, and keep the ad, to show where/how I got it? It seems like in this day and age, that there HAS to be alot of trailer thieving/fencing going on (everywhere)
Anybody had any bad luck buying from strangers? Any good way to run the #'s before buying? (hate to try to save a little, and end up costing ALOT!) Might seem paranoid, but I know my luck.
(in all other aspects of life, I've always been lucky!)