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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fastcut, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. fastcut

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    First of all been a member now for about a month now and just want to say this a great site. I have learned quite abit in just a month. Anyway, I have had a small lawn care business now for about 12 years and thinking of expanding next year. I have been a one man show and I'm going to up grade my 12 year old scag 52 belt drive to a ztr. It seems just about every body on this site likes there lazer z, but I really like what the hustlers z have to offer. I plan on demoing both this fall and making my purchase in the spring. The only problem I have with the hustler is that my closest dealer is 3 hrs away. I have allready talked to the dealer and they have know problem bringing a demo up to me to try. If I was smart I should go with the lazer z since there is about 3 dealers within 45 min of me. My gut feeling is that i think I'm going to like the hustler. Am I crazy to buy from a dealer that is 3 hrs away or should I stay close to home? I am very mechically inclined so If I did have a problem I could fix any problem my self. UPS is overnite to me anyway so getting parts would be no problem. Thanks for any input. Fastcut
  2. Eric ELM

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    You will know after your demo if it is worth buying from a dealer that far away. Demoing is the best way to see which machine is best for you. ;)
  3. fivestarlawnken

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    i agree with eric...have fun with your new mower;)
  4. awm

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    I REALLY LIKE THE HUSTLER,but i really like the lazer too,
    believ id go lazer here. think you will be happy either way though.
  5. trimmasters

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    Do you have a Land Pride dealer close by? Same machine differnt name.

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