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  1. angelosantojoe1

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    i had someone call me trying to sell me 10 customer iam not sure what to pay.
    i do not want to over pay i want to make money but i could sent out tons of flyer. he want 50% of his net which would be 3k i said ok let me think about it. no mowers just 10 ppl let me know whatg u think
  2. dloucks

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    I would be scared of this... what do each of these people pay, is he getting a good rate for their yard sizes? I would be afraid of paying this guy (possibly for 10 customers he doesn't want for a reason) just to have 3-4 decide to "shop around" after finding out their "usual guy" sold their accounts.
  3. gravtyklz

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    People can have good reasons for selling their accounts. Maybe hes moving? Maybe he wants to cash out to make other investments? Maybe his knee is bothering him?

    But it is important to weigh out the actual value of the customers. Its also equally important to find out how content they'll be with a new guy cutting their lawn. How long has he had their accounts? If all goes well i'de have him go to the lawns with you the first few cuts even if you have to pay him. Just to make sure you provide a service equal or better than he did.
  4. angelosantojoe1

    angelosantojoe1 LawnSite Member
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    i grew up with this guy he is in school and school is to busy for hime right now and most of the accounts a with in 10 miles and he did say he would take me around

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